Greensender campus entry
Do you think they’ll be surprised when a 3D drive-in movie scene pops out of the side of their SIGG bottle and we’re performing on the movie screen?

What are 3DBottles?
3DBottles are a original product. Each bottle has an image on it called a marker that your web cam can identify. When your web cam recognizes this image, it triggers a hologram-like 3D sequence that comes to life in your hands that you view on your computer screen.

What makes it work?
The technology that enables the 3D sequence is called Augmented Reality.

What will I actually end up seeing?
A 3D scene of a drive-in movie will essentially pop out of the side of your bottle and the video that you upload during the order process will play on the drive-in movie screen. You decide who stars in this show!

How much do they cost?
3DBottles range in price from $32.50 to $38.50 depending upon whether you choose to also personalize the bottle with a name and image on the side of the bottle opposite the 3D marker.

What do I do with a 3DBottle?
You refill it with water and drink from it; rather than trashing the planet with disposable plastic bottles. And, of course, you amaze, impress and entertain family, friends and co-workers with this exceptionally cool technology.

Can I still personalize a bottle with a name and an image?
Absolutely. We’d be very happy to engrave a name and/or one of the hundreds of images that are part of our image library. We’ve got some good ones. Check ‘em out.

Can I pick different colors and sizes for the bottle?
No. At this point the only bottle offered as a 3DBottle is the white 1.0L/34oz SIGG bottle.

Do you have scenes other than the drive-in movie that I can choose from to house my video?
At the moment, the drive-in scene is the only one we have but we do intend to offer others in the future.

What is required to make a bottle work?
There are two technical requirements for a 3DBottle to work.
1)a web cam
2)Flash 10 installed on your computer

Can I upload new videos whenever I want?
Yes. You can upload a new video at any time. However, Greensender will only host one video at a time. If you upload a new video, the original video will no longer be hosted.

Will my video be hosted indefinitely for the price of the bottle?
The price of the bottle includes one year of hosting your video. As the end of a year approaches, we will contact you via email and ask if you would like to renew for another year at a cost of $5.00.

Can I upload any type of video content that I want?
Have fun with it. But, the short answer is “No. You can’t upload anything.” Videos that contain extreme violence, pornographic material or other subject matter deemed inappropriate by Greensender will be taken down immediately.

I don’t know or I’ve forgotten the email password needed to view my 3D sequence and unique video. How can I get it?
Just click here.

My 3DBottle doesn’t seem to be working. What’s the problem?
Don’t fret. Check the following things and try again.
1)Is Flash 10 installed on your computer? Download it for free here.
2) Have you gone online and are at ?
3) Have you input your email address password when prompted? (need it? download detailed list of instructions)
4) Is your web cam activated? Be sure to click "Allow" after the application has loaded. After that, your web cam should be activated and you should be able to see yourself. If it still isn’t working, you should try it again in a room or situation with different light. Very bright lighting can cause hot spots or glare on the bottle that make it hard for your web cam to clearly read the marker.

Do you create 3DBottles for business and special event applications?
We sure do. Give us a call to discuss or send us an email: 973-821-4213 /